Austral-Indonesian Tujuhbelasan #11 Siaran Hati

The link above is a film of a spontaneous song created and sung by Jaya Kelana of Solo today for today, Indonesia’s National Broadcasting Day. The song is inspired by the thinking of Guilelmo Marconi, an Italian electrical engineer and inventor who won the 1909 Nobel Prize in Physics in recognition of his contribution to the development of radio.

Austral-Indonesian Tujuhbelasan #10 Essential Anti-Terrorism from Cak Nur

Nurcholish Majid (aka Cak Nur) was an Indonesian intellectual and social peace maker.

Cak was born on this day in March, 1939. The following video clip uses his famous thought on self worth.

The solution to the modern and ancient scourge of terrorism is in the thoughts of people like Cak Nur.

Geoff Fox, Solo, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia, 17th March, 2019