A New Life: Aku Mau Jadi WNI


Bapak Presiden Jokowi,


I am stateless. (click for more information)

On this date, both Hari Krida Pertanian and the date when Bung Karno left the world, I seek a new life.


I seek freedom. I need citizenship in a nation where I can:

1. Express my love of God through asmaulhusna.

2. Enjoy civilised humanity, such as I have grown to love in Indonesia.

3. Love the national anthem and flag as much as I love Indonesia Raya and Sang Merah Putih.

4. Engage in musyawarah with my leaders.

5. Work with others for social justice for everybody.


All these things are impossible for me in my country of birth.

So, aku mau jadi WNI.

Boleh gak?


Geoff Fox, Jawa, Indonesia. 21/06/2019