The Fundamentals #17 – 2 Men Of God & Paulette Goddard & Modern Times & Me

In this post, I seek to create Kebersamaan (common ground) between the thoughts today of two priests, with some of my own thoughts and two 1930’s images.

If Francis Assisi really did write or say,Preach the Gospel at all times. Use words if necessary. then he could have been talking about Charlie Chaplin’s “Modern Times”, a predominantly silent film with a little talking made 5 or more years after the Silent Era had ended. (Modern Times was released on this date, February 5, in 1936)

Father Grant Edgeco bymbe this morning added the ideas: “Be Salt. Be light. Share a joke.” to tell his congregation of some ways to live out the Preach the Gospel ……… Use words if necessary. maxim. Being salt could have a multitude of meanings since salt has many uses: seasoning for food, preservative of fish and cleaning the teeth were three which Father Grant mentioned. And he cracked some really good jokes before and after the service.

At a time of trouble in my own life Father Grant’s lived commitment, in The Word, to helping people laugh has been a blessing to me.

Later this morning, “Faith is relational.” said Father Michael Bowie in his homily in his national heritage church across a large city park on the same side of town: for me, faith becomes about who we are when we are together and, in his deeply and gloriously traditional 176 years old church, Father Michael explained that those in the church need to “be refreshed in who we are.”


This image of Paulette Goddard was from the front cover of Cinegraf magazine, published in Argentina in 1935

I believe that modern life, especially in the cities, often leaves people flat, dulled and out of touch with their own true selves.

In the “Modern Times” story, there was a series of troubled adventures before Chaplin as the tramp and his co-star Paulette Goddard, as Ellen Peterson “The Gamin”, could find a fresh life together.

(In real life Chaplin started dating Goddard in 1932. They lived as man and wife from 1936 to 1942.)

After many misadventures, the movie finished with the laughing image of two good friends.

Charlie Chaplin and Paulette Goddard having fun together.

God Bless Freedom. In Modern And All Times.

God Bless Friendship.

God Bless Loving Care.

Geoff Fox, 5th January, 2023, Down Under

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